Main Benefits Of Outdoor Advertising

Benefits Of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising does not only consist of billboards. Also, advertisements that appear inside and outside of public transport waiting areas, and vehicles. Compare this type of advertising to billboards, these types of Out of Home Advertising may be less significant but provides a variety of platforms. This is also more cost-effective.

The Main Advantages;

They are very hard to be ignored

Similar to billboards people cannot just turn off transit advertisements or change the channel like they do with the TV. It is there and will always be there, well at least until it is taken down. People are exposed to all the advertisements whether they like it or not.

Addressing a larger audience

You will not only be able to reach all public transit audience. Such as passengers in taxis, buses or trains. You will also be able to reach out to professionals, students, families, shoppers and even tourist. Anyone in their cars is just passing by. This is an opportunity to advertise to a varied audience.


Cars with advertisements are also able to reach places you wouldn’t even expect. So, there is a lot of possibilities to get your message out there. Ads can be in any shape or size so you can be creative with it.


Since your advertisements are mostly stationary and stay in the same place, people who pass by and see it often will help them remember it. Although they can get boring so make sure it’s not up there for too long.


Timely advertisements

People who pass by or passengers in cars on there way to eat, shop or watch a movie which will make it more comfortable to convince them to follow your advertisement.


This mainly applies to advertisements placed inside of taxi’s, trains,  buses etc.. which will be exposed to passengers for a long time. This will help them remember and convince them to follow.


With the new advance of technology, there are now a lot more transit and digital advertisements. Such as digital bus advertisements which will get peoples attention no matter how busy they are.

Ability to captivate

Given this wide variety of platforms, you can create the most creative advertisements and ones that come to life. Panel frames are brought to life with unique 3d lifelike objects transforming.


Concerning billboards, train and tram advertisements are available day and night. There are a lot of possibilities for advertisers in using transit advertising to create successful outdoor advertising campaigns. That is both cost-effective and innovative.

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