What Is Digital Billboard Advertising?

Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital billboards are built and placed like traditional billboards except that they have large LCDs instead of classic vinyl.  Some digital ads do not use any screens at all but just projectors, to have a 3D lifelike effect on their advertisements. When digital billboards were first introduced they initially only involved huge screens on motorways which change advertisements now and then. Whereas,  in today’s world, people can now manipulate billboards using WiFi and Bluetooth!

Just like any McDonald’s billboard which allows you to play ping pong, some other billboards are powered by Twitter. Others have stepped it up and incorporated augmented reality to impress the audience. This makes excellent, engaging advertisements. There is a good example of an outdoor advertising business at OVC.

The reasons behind why digital advertising is so successful are because it effectively engages with the audience.  This then creates a more personal and memorable experience for potential customers. I mean it is challenging to ignore any eye-catching advertisements which are spontaneous and intelligent. Making use of digital ads effectively can provide outdoor advertisers with that element of surprise to delight and capture the consumers’ attention.

Digital Billboard

What Else Should We Know?

So, digital billboards may be the future of advertising, but they are not quite perfect. Firstly, it costs a lot more than traditional outdoor advertising.  They are also regulations with the council of visual pollution and distracting drivers. It can also be harmful to people during harsh weather and hurricanes. In result of this more cities are banning outdoor billboard advertising, so this isn’t the best platform for small businesses.

The good news is that there is always a solution to every problem. Many digital billboards can be built on subways or train stations. They can also be placed on buses for digital bus advertising. Which is an excellent solution to mobile advertising on the move. The billboards will be smaller, but at least they will not harm anyone. Placing ads on transit systems will also increase more exposure than advertisements on the motorways. As there are a lot more commuters using public vehicles. This is an excellent platform as it brings the message to where people are.

Digital Billboard

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